No story, no glory.

Learn how to convey your ideas clearly and persuasively.

Presentation literacy has become a core skill for twenty-first-century business leaders. From Jeff Bezos to Richard Branson to Elon Musk, today’s most successful entrepreneurs are those that excel at creating and sharing inspiring stories about their product, company and vision.

We organize masterclasses, hands-on workshops, and one-on-one coaching that give you and your team the knowledge and tools you need to create memorable, persuasive and engaging presentations. Whichever workshop you choose, you will leave with immediately applicable skills and a new approach to business story telling.

Some of the courses we teach:

  • From idea to value
  • Business story telling
  • Design principles
  • Presentation Best Practices
  • Pitching

Want to improve your own presentation skills or those of your team and organization? We can help you determine which workshop is right for you or your team.


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Best-in-class health innovators on stage

EIT Health promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active aging, providing Europeans with new opportunities and resources.

EIT Health hired Chiaro to coach all the Biotech startups preparing to pitch at the EIT Health Summing (Paris, 2-3 December 2019). An intensive onsite and remote coaching focused on transforming complex science and strategy into a compelling fundraising narrative for investors.

“Great coaching! Thank you so much, Giuseppe, amazing advice for the rest of my entrepreneurial life”

Florence Allouche

CEO, SparingVision | Winner Biotech finals