Why investors are not funding your startup


Not getting funded… are YOU the problem?

Many startups don’t get funded simply because investors don’t like/trust the founders or feel that something is off.

2048 Ventures Managing Partner Alex Iskold has identified 9 recurrent patterns why investors won’t invest in a founder.

I find a lack of intellectual honesty—no. 2 on Alex’s list—particularly troublesome. Not necessarily straight out lies, often it manifests itself during the pitch as a lack of facts & data, accompanied by an overkill of subjective arguments.

Here is the complete list:

  1. The know-it-all type
  2. Not intellectually honest
  3. Not likable
  4. Not coachable
  5. Not enough experience
  6. No fit with the market
  7. Can’t pitch
  8. Cant build a team
  9. Odd co-founders dynamic