Investor presentations

Give a killer presentation

There is nothing like a killer presentation when it comes to successful fund-raising.  There are many ways to present the story of your business to investors and you should go with whatever you feel comfortable with.

But whatever your approach, you need a presentation that is informative, persuasive and impossible to forget. Rather than adding data, it’s mostly a matter of removing unnecessary layers of information so that your unique value shines through.

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Helping talented scientists set up exceptional companies

V-Bio Ventures is a venture fund specialized in the Life Sciences. The V-Bio Ventures team is passionate about creating the next generation of biotech companies, enduring businesses that generate opportunities and wealth for the local ecosystem and beyond.

In preparation for future communication on V-Bio Ventures’ ambition, it’s management team invited Chiaro to develop a plan for strengthening V-Bio’s presence and communication to the community. Together we worked on the positioning and messaging, thus formulating the strategic story that is both convincing and inspiring.

“Chiaro helped us articulate our strategic story to highlight the full value of our company. We now have a compelling narrative in line with our vision and supported by powerful visuals”.

Christina Takke, PhD

Cofounder & Managing Director, V-Bio Ventures