Pitching competitions

Pitch to win

Pitching competitions can be a decisive moment in the life of a start-up: a great opportunity to receive early exposure and vital capital. But time is short, often just a few minutes, and investors have high expectations.

We work with you to shape a story that resonates instantly with the audience, supported by slides that engage and don’t distract. Your presentation will wow them from the very first slide, and help you to get the funding you are seeking.

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Preventing aging with existing medicines

Rejuvenate Biomed believes that although age is inevitable, aging is not. Its mission is to increase the healthy years of life by repositioning existing drugs that can delay or prevent the onset of age-related diseases.

The company needed a stellar pitch for their upcoming funding rounds. In a few consulting sessions we managed to create a strong company story and a pitch deck that helped open up a number of investment opportunities that are currently being pursued.

“Our story is so much more clear and convincing now, and we are getting such positive reactions from investors. Chiaro really makes a difference!”

Ann Beliën, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, Rejuvenate Biomed