Company Sales Presentations

Seal the deal

Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) your start-up will be invited to present its technology or pipeline to a larger company. It’s an eagerly anticipated opportunity to set up that vital first deal or establish a crucial partnership.

It can be tempting to put together a large collection of new or existing slides. What you really want to do is to start by defining the concrete outcome you aim to achieve, and build your supportive narrative backwards. At Chiaro we apply well-proven approaches and communications techniques developed by McKinsey to create presentations that will help you convince the audience and close the deal.

Learn how our presentations boost business opportunities

Helping revolutionize the treatment of disease

e-Therapeutics has developed a unique and powerful computer-based drug discovery platform and a specialized approach to network biology.

We worked with the management team to create a company presentation that would convey the value of their company and platform to interested partners. The presentation was used in discussions that led to an important research collaboration with Novo Nordisk.

“Chiaro has been an invaluable partner to our team, helping us create a company presentation that is clear and compelling.”

Ray Barlow

CEO, e-Therapeutics (AIM: ETX.L)