StoryPitch™ Mastery

Business success through storytelling

Our exclusive training for leaders and their teams

The ability to pitch a compelling story has become a core skill for 21st-century business leaders. Today’s most successful entrepreneurs are those that excel at creating and sharing inspiring stories about their product, company, and vision. But few of us are born storytellers.

Our StoryPitch™ Mastery gives you and your team the knowledge and tools you need to create memorable, persuasive, and engaging presentations.

You’re guaranteed to leave with a comprehensive set of ready-to-use skills and a fresh new approach to business storytelling.

The program is based on our unique StoryPitch™ methodology. A well-tested system built around five key principles to pitch a winning story.

The content and duration of our StoryPitch™ Mastery program are always tailor-made to the specific needs and ambitions of each of our clients.

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Is StoryPitch™ Mastery right for you?

  • You are a senior leader in a mid to large organization
  • You want to take your business storytelling skills to the next level
  • You and your team are preparing an important strategic presentation
  • You want to clarify your strategy
  • You want to translate your strategy into a compelling presentation

Included in your StoryPitch™ Mastery:

Story: in good companies, story and strategy are the same thing. Learn how to construct a clear, well-articulated story that reflects a well-thought-out strategy.

Slides: content and form are equally important – because good design helps to deliver your message. Learn how to create clear decks that convince and inspire your audiences

Stage: no matter how good your story is, how you present it makes all the difference between an unforgettable experience and a memorable pitch that drives your audience to action. Learn the key aspects you need to master if you want to deliver a killer pitch.

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A clear story for more positive impact

V-Bio Ventures is a life sciences Venture Capital fund that helps transform scientific innovation into products that positively impact people’s lives. 

In March 2022, V-Bio Ventures announced the final close of their second fund at €110 million, with a total of €185 million under management in Fund 1&2

“Chiaro helped us articulate our strategic story to highlight the full value of our company. We now have a compelling narrative in line with our vision and supported by powerful visuals”.

Christina Takke, PhD

Cofounder & Managing Director, V-Bio Ventures