StoryPitch™ Accelerator

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Our training program for startup incubators

Pitch competitions and demo days can be a decisive moment in the life of a startup, a great opportunity to gain early exposure and vital capital. But time is short and translating science and strategy into a compelling story for investors is a challenge that many startup CEOs struggle with.

StoryPitch™ Accelerator is our unique and effective training program that ensures the success of your startup boot camps, pitch competitions, and demo days.

StoryPitch™ teaches founders and CEOs how to create a fundraising pitch with the power to inform, excite, and convince investors.

Our trainers are healthcare & life sciences experts who have worked extensively in this sector. Someone who is uniquely placed to understand complex science and technology, and the challenges that startups face.

Over 1, 2, or 3 days, and either live or remote, we give participants all the insights, tools, and guidance they need to shape a compelling fundraising story that resonates with the audience. Supported by slides that engage and don’t distract.

The program is based on our unique StoryPitch™ methodology. A well-tested system built around five key principles to pitch a winning story.

Over the years, we have worked with over 100 founders and CEOs at some of the leading startup incubators. Participants went on to win prestigious competitions, get important grants, and secure the funding they needed to set up a successful company.

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Is StoryPitch™ Accelerator right for you?

  • You are an incubator or similar organization working with early-stage companies
  • You focus on the health & life sciences sector
  • You want to offer your teams an effective pitch training program
  • You believe the achievements of your teams reflect the quality of your organization
  • It is important for your organization to showcase promising startups with a compelling pitch

Included in your StoryPitch™ Accelerator program:

Crafting your story: in good companies, story and strategy are the same thing. Learn how to construct a clear, well-articulated fundraising story that reflects a well-thought-out strategy.

Building your slides: content and form are equally important – because good design helps to deliver your message. Learn how to create clear pitch decks that convince and inspire investors, prospective partners, and your peers.

Owning the stage: no matter how good your story is, how you present it makes all the difference between an unforgettable experience and a memorable pitch that drives your audience to action. Learn the key aspects you need to master if you want to deliver a killer pitch.

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Inform, excite and convince

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"Excellent pitch training for our Startup Bootcamp! The feedback from the participating CEOs was very positive. Highly recommended."

Haifen Hu

CEO & Founder, Hyphen Projects | Innovation for Health Congress