StoryPitch™ to Win

Get funded and grow a successful business

Our flagship program for CEOs and their leadership team

There are hundreds of health & life sciences companies, all vying for attention and competing with established companies and big corporations. CEOs that don’t have a clear and compelling story to share are ignored.

StoryPitch™ to Win is your fast-track route to attract investors, partners, and talent to your organization – saving you time and energy.

We take your complex innovation and turn it into a clear and compelling story. One that will prove irresistible at your next fundraising pitch.

You will also get all the tools, insights, and support you need to deliver your story successfully – to get funding, close deals, and attract talent to your organization. Saving you time and energy in the process.

We create your story using our unique StoryPitch™ methodology. A well-tested system built around five key principles to convey the full value of your big idea, product, and company.

It works. Our clients went on to raise hundreds of millions of euros, close high-value deals, and grow successful businesses.

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Is StoryPitch™ to Win right for you?

  • You have already raised funding and are preparing for the next round
  • You want to generate interest and urgency from investors
  • You need to align your team around the same narrative
  • You strive to deliver the best pitch in every situation
  • You want to amplify your reach beyond the boardroom

Included in your StoryPitch™ to Win program:

StoryPitch™ scan: an in-depth assessment of your existing narrative and pitch decks to spot where we can strengthen your positioning, structure, and messaging.

Strategic story script: a high-level narrative that clarifies strategy and conveys the value of your product, company, and vision. It forms a consistent messaging source for all your internal and external communications, including PR, recruitment, and sales.

Pitch decks: your most important fundraising tool. We create professionally designed slide decks that set you apart from the rest of your competitors and help you take the conversation with investors to the next level.

Executive training: a fundraising storytelling masterclass for you and your leadership team to increase the impact and reach of your story.

Continued support: be ready to pitch to any audience without wasting time and energy on the slides. We make sure your deck is up to date and in perfect shape so you can focus on pitching and growing a successful business.

Bonus: a complimentary copy of our book ‘Winners Have a Story.’

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Precision radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment

PRECIRIX® is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by developing novel targeted radiopharmaceuticals.

In March 2022, Precirix announced the closing of a EUR 80m Series B financing round to advance its pipeline of precision radiopharmaceuticals.

"Chiaro led us to create a compelling narrative around how we position our company and tell our story to investors, partners, peers—everyone."

Ruth Devenyns