The company story is the company strategy.

We help you find and communicate the true value of your idea, product or company

You’ve spent months preparing meticulously for that crucial meeting. The issue you address is huge, your solution super-compelling, your team stellar. And yet investors remain skeptical. What is going on?

Many executives struggle when they have to translate science, technology, and strategy into an effective story. This is especially true in Healthcare and Life Sciences, where scientific results are complex, market analyses are intricate, financials can be dull.

Strategic narrative
Chiaro helps CEOs and their executive teams to create a clear strategic narrative that defines the true value of their idea, product or company. Together we translate the narrative into a powerful company presentation that generates success inside and outside the organization – fundraising, sales, marketing, and recruiting.

And more
We can also provide support for the next steps in bringing your story to the attention of the right audiences: creating a strong corporate identity, website design and development, animations and infographics, video production, annual reports and collateral.

Learn how you can transform your next presentation into an opportunity to generate business.

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Creating a great image for an imaging technology

Tracer has developed a revolutionary technology that enables doctors and scientists to see how drugs spread in the body. Based on fluorescence molecular imaging, it allows the visualization of drug distribution both at the macroscopic and microscopic level with unprecedented sensitivity and precision.

Chiaro supported Tracer’s management team as they prepared for a presentation at Bio International convention. Together we worked on the strategic positioning of the company and its products and services, creating a narrative that underlined the unique value of Tracer’s approach. Finally, we translated the narrative into a professional slide deck that was used at Bio and other partnering meetings.

“The strategic session with Chiaro helped us enormously to define our story and how we position ourselves in the market. Working together on the slide deck was very effective and successful, we received a lot of positive reactions.”

Prof Go Van Dam, M.D., Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, TRACER Europe