Stories, not technology

Forget the technology, good stories are about people and the emotions they feel.
In this beautiful new commercial, Apple imagines what the inner workings of an iPhone might look like were they handled by an old-school film archivist rather than an algorithm.

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Creative agency 180 Amsterdam recently released this visually arresting commercial for Adidas. As well as targeting athletes beyond runners Asics clearly aims to appeal to a younger audience, and launches #want it more as a social media hashtag.

I love the footage and story the video tells us: to be an athlete, we’ve got to “want it more” than likes, all-night parties, cakes and perfect hair. But the end, I am just not sure: “Just wanting it isn’t enough – you’ve got to want it more”. Bit confusing to me.

But hey, the drop of sweat at 00:32 is fantastic!

Ads Worth Spreading 

You just watched my favorite ad out of the 10 winners of the Ads Worth Spreading challenge, announced by TED last week. I love this story because it makes me think of the lengths I’d go to for the people who are most important to me. And how important it is to have friends that will be there for us when we need them. The guys at Guinness beautifully managed to align their brand with these universal feelings of loyalty, sacrifice and dedication.

Memorable presentations and great commercials have something in common: they tell a story so good we want to share it. Stories speak to us on an emotional, even primal level. Visuals amplify these emotional responses by accessing our child mind, the part of us that appreciates the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme but also the power of myth and fairy tales.

“It’s all the stuff that makes the world go around: human moments, human myths, transcending our limits, transcending our prejudices, rediscovering ourselves, laughing at ourselves, and believing in our dreams” says Eliza Esquivel, a two-time Ads Worth Spreading judge and the vice president of global brand strategy at Mondelez International.

Give yourself a treat and watch the 10 winners. Which of these ads managed to touch you?

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