Before pulling the plug

We all know the feeling, and it is killing. You have just introduced a great innovative initiative, which you know will revolutionize your business. Your boss fully supported it, the project team loved it, your colleagues were so enthusiastic….and then nothing happens. No hiccup, no delay, no technical problem, just zero, nought, nada happens. Colleagues ignore it, boss moves on to the next project, your business does not take notice. Time to put your darling out it its misery.

Before I pull the plug, I always try and look for the good little things I might have missed. Unexpected benefits that became visible only once all the rest failed; insights I gained on an unrelated matter; or simply people I connected with that gave me a fresh perspective. Innovation grows organically, you’ll never know the pleasant surprise your latest failure brought you unless you go look for it.

What was the last big idea you bet your reputation on?

Genius needs timing

Is your idea, your invention, your product so far ahead that the market for it simply isn’t there yet?

Genius needs timing: lessons on El Greco from Seth Godin. 


Sometimes I wish I had another job, forget about this innovation stuff. It is always the same story: new ideas are either terrible, in the beginning, or obvious, after general acceptation. Forget about ever getting any credits. But hey, it helps to know one is not alone.