Success starts with a great story.

What our clients say

"Chiaro has been a critical partner in helping us position our company and develop an outstanding fundraising pitch"

Werner Rainer

CEO, XSpline

"Chiaro’s support was excellent. Very skilled in distilling complex science into key investor messages."

Gertjan Bartlema

CEO, Vico Therapeutcs

"Highly recommend to any biotech company looking to attract funding. We clarified our fundraising story and restructured our pitch – and the results were outstanding"

Marcel Zwaal

CEO, Gadeta

"So glad we chose to work with Chiaro! We now have a compelling story & pitch deck that convey the unique value of our organization."

Philippe Degive

Investment Manager, SRIW Life Sciences

"We had a great experience with Chiaro. The way they helped us create a compelling fundraising pitch was just excellent and the outputs were clear and compelling."

Ray Barlow

CEO, SynOx Therapeutics

"Chiaro led us to create a compelling narrative around how we position our company and tell our story to investors, partners, peers—everyone."

Ruth Devenyns


"We had a great experience with Chiaro. Not only we created a compelling pitch deck for our investors, but it was also an opportunity for us to reflect on our core strengths and uniqueness. Once we had that clear, the visual story became way more powerful"

Maddalena Adorno

CEO & Co-founder, Dorian Therapeutics

"Giuseppe captured the uniqueness and potential of our story and helped us to translate it into an award-winning pitch."

Alexander Belcredi

CEO, PhagoMed Biopharma

"We had an exciting experience with Chiaro. They helped us restructure our fundraising pitch and make our story unique and appealing. Highly recommended!

Amina Tijani

CEO & Founder, Sublin Therapeutics

"Giuseppe supported us already twice in the EIT Health Catapult competition. His coaching was extremely positively received by the 28 European biotech champions. As Catapult programme we benefited strongly from his high-quality services and his positive, simply human approach. Thanks Giu for being with us!"

Anna Badurska

Global Lead, EIT Health Catapult

“Great coaching! Thank you so much, Giuseppe, amazing advice for the rest of my entrepreneurial life”

Florence Allouche

CEO, SparingVision | Winner Biotech finals

"Excellent pitch training for our Startup Bootcamp! The feedback from the participating CEOs was very positive. Highly recommended."

Haifen Hu

CEO & Founder, Hyphen Projects | Innovation for Health Congress

“Giuseppe knew how to create the look and feel for our corporate presentation in a very short time. His creativity and ability to distill a mood out of corporate culture is very keen. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking to improve their visual styling in presentations.”

Elizabeth Goodwin

VP lnvestor Relations & Corporate Communications, Galapagos (Nasdaq: GLPG)

“I admire the immense focus which Giuseppe brings in, allowing him and us to boil down a complex story to the essence. He has given a storyline to our company.”

Ronald Plasterk

CEO & Founder, Frame Pharmaceuticals

“Chiaro helped us articulate our strategic story to highlight the full value of our company. We now have a compelling narrative in line with our vision and supported by powerful visuals”.

Christina Takke, PhD

Cofounder & Managing Director, V-Bio Ventures

“Chiaro’s thorough understanding of the healthcare business prompted us to work with them, and not without success; their initial narrative and story on our firm were spot on. It resulted in a huge improvement in our ability to raise money.”

Ronald Brus

CEO, myTomorrows

“Excellent investment! Chiaro designed a convincing and brilliant pitch deck for our company. Wherever we present, everybody loves it.”

Remberto Martis

CEO, LenioBio

“The strategy session with Chiaro helped us take our investor pitch to the next level."

Vincent Franssen

CEO, HemoClear

“Highly recommended, Chiaro creates some of the most effective presentations I have seen in our business.”

René Beukema

Chief Corporate Development Officer & General Counsel, ProQR Therapeutics (Nasdaq: PRQR)

“Great work! The strategic session with Chiaro helped us sharpen our pitch, and the company deck is now very effective”.

Thomas de Vlaam

CEO, Amylon Therapeutics

"Chiaro did a fantastic job with our investor presentation, transforming complex science and strategy into a clear and convincing business story. And such beautiful slides!"

Arthur Lahr

CEO, Kyadis Pharma (Euronext: KDS)

“The strategic session with Chiaro helped us enormously to define our story and how we position ourselves in the market. Working together on the slide deck was very effective and successful, we received a lot of positive reactions.”

Prof Go Van Dam, M.D., Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, TRACER Europe

“Our story is so much more clear and convincing now, and we are getting such positive reactions from investors. Chiaro really makes a difference!”

Ann Beliën, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder, Rejuvenate Biomed

“Chiaro was the perfect partner to create our brand new corporate presentation. In addition to his skills as presentation designer, Giuseppe understands the complexity of the bio-pharmaceutical business and is able to translate it into compelling visuals.”

Alexander Willemse

CEO, BioConnection

“Working with Chiaro has been extremely efficient, enriching and fun. We really like the result and have received a lot of positive feedback, on the form as well as on the content.”

Koen De Witte, Ph.D.

Managing Director, reMYND

“Chiaro delivered a highly inspiring workshop on effective pitching for our team of grant advisors. Organized as a train-the-trainer session, the workshop provided us with new perspectives on pitching and story-telling theory, which Giuseppe convincingly illustrated in his own presentation to us.”

Annette Dirac, Ph.D.

Advisor Research Funding, Technology Transfer Office, University of Amsterdam

“Thanks to the training of your team, my presentations have more focus and power. There is now an excellent balance between storytelling, supportive images and nonverbal communication. My presentations really have impact now.”

Prof. dr. Jelle Barentsz

Professor of Radiology, Chair Radboud Prostate MR-Reference Center