Story of Monkey


“Far away, on an island, there lived Monkey. He was a happy monkey. He had a good job keeping the beach clean and watching out for pirate ships. One day he was gazing out to sea and he thought: “I’m happy now, but what about the future? What about when I’m old and weak, will I still be happy then?” And he began to worry.“

Start with a story

Often starting with a story is the best way to connect with your audience, whether they are colleagues, investors, or prospects costumers. The good people at Michel Berger understand this: they have a mission and they have chosen a great story to share their mission with us.

Sell sunshine, not coconut water

The website they created is as “wonderful, fresh and young” as their favorite drink: coconut water bottled straight from a fresh coconut. Everything on their site talks to us about sunshine, happy life and friendship. They are not just out to sell coconut water, they want to experience a bit of that sunshine feeling every day and share it with their friends. “To us it just feels like sitting under a palm tree, gazing out in to the ocean, getting younger and stronger, sip by sip.”

Be remarkable

If you want to be remarkable and resonate with your audience, don’t tell us about your company, your product, and your distribution points. Tell us a story that will take us to another place and make us dream. But first read and listen to The story of Monkey, preferably with a glass of cold coconut water.

Notes: The story of Monkey is based on the tale of Sun Wukong from the classical Chinese novel, Journey to the west as well as the adventures of Lord Hanuman.